Here are some resources, connections, or interesting people and places that I find helpful, influential, or meaningful (in no particular order at this time).

Bob Rhodes – a friend and colleague

Hacking Christianity – the Rev. Jeremy Smith is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church who writes a great deal about the UMC in an informative and thought-provoking way

United Methodist Communications – the communications arm of the United Methodist Church; and the Great Plains Annual Conference.

Sojourner’s Magazine – an ecumenical publication that frequently seeks to find a middle way between conservative and liberal Christianity

Sarah Bessey – an author with an interesting voice

Nadia Bolz-Weber – a Lutheran pastor, whose written and spoken voice bridges communities and cultures with humor and striking insights

The Urban Abbey Omaha – a new church start-coffee shop-lived faith hub started by a friend of mine, the Rev. Debra McKnight; they blog here

The Ekklesia Project – an interdenominational community, a “school for subversive friendships,” a group of lay and clergy theologians who share a love for God through the church; check out their pamphlets for some great theological reading